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"In the first place, simplicity of form is necessary; this requires a study of the essential root forms, which are practically those of the lapidary capitals of two thousand years ago. Each of those characters had an individuality. By emphasizing this characteristic quality in such a way that nothing in it inclines us to confound any letter with its neighbor, we may get a new expression or quality of personality, which is as far as we may go, since those forms are now fixed."
The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering by Frederic W. Goudy (1918)
— 1 year ago
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"Or, to illustrate still further, the picture of a leaf would become the sign for the syllable ‘leaf’ wherever it might occur, and the picture of a bee would become the syllable ‘be’ the pictures together forming the word ‘belief.’ The picture of the bee would then cease to represent the insect and would represent only the syllable ‘be,’ and the picture of a leaf would no longer signify leaf or foliage; the pictures would have become purely phonetic symbols, expressing words as well as ideas, the next step in their evolution toward real writing."
The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering by Frederic W. Goudy (1918)
— 1 year ago
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"Good lettering must be founded on good models; for the use of beginners they ought especially to be simple, dignified forms that are free from the archaisms and mannerisms of the scribes and that exhibit in a high degree the essentials of legibility, beauty, & character."
The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering by Frederic W. Goudy (1918)
— 1 year ago
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"Some of the examples presented in collections of alphabets give the form of the letters but wholly lose the feeling that is an essential quality. In this work, therefore, special pains have been taken to convey that feeling & to preserve the delicate irregularities - practically lost in most reproductions - which contribute so appreciably to the character of the page in mass. In type faces, it should be understood that the spirit of the letter has been sought, rather than absolute fidelity to precise form, though the drawing, of course, has been done very carefully."
The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering by Frederic W. Goudy (1918)
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"Of all the achievements of the human mind,
the birth of the alphabet is the most momentous."
The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering by Frederic W. Goudy (1918)
— 1 year ago
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"When, in the first stage of writing, a sign stood for a word, there were required, of course, as many symbols as there were words in the language. When the signs were employed to represent syllables, a great advance over the use of word signs had been made, but the method was still a clumsy device by which to express ideas. It was only when symbols finally represented the elementary sounds of the human voice that they became true letters. When writing was entirely pictorial, in the effort to secure greater rapidity of execution simpler forms were developed, and finally, letters. The sense, in a similar manner, declined from the idea suggested by the picture into a mere syllable without concrete meaning, and finally to simple sounds corresponding to letters. The various steps from pictures to words seem to have been taken in prehistoric times by different peoples independently. To which people must we trace our own alphabet?"
The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering by Frederic W. Goudy (1918)
— 1 year ago
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"Living like that utterly convinced me of the extreme limitations of language. I was just a child then, so I have only an intuitive understanding of the degree to which one loses control of words once they are spoken or written. It was then that I first felt a deep curiosity about language, and understood it as a tool that encompasses both a single moment and eternity"
 Banana Yoshimoto, N.P.

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"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words."
Philip K. Dick (via nathanielstuart)

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"The masters of information have forgotten about poetry, where words may have a meaning quite different from what the lexicon says, where the metaphoric spark is always one jump ahead of the decoding function, where another, unforeseen reading is always possible."
Diary of a Bad Year by J.M. Coetzee

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"Language is the source of misunderstandings."
by Antoine de Saint Exupery from Le petit prince
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